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Just on a whim..I decided to browse a few websites to gather information for proper watering methods you should use for your houseplants. Especially during the winter months. What I found was ALARMING! Not a wonder that I hear so many stories about plants that died from over-watering. First of all, it may be impossible

Check Out These AMAZING Facts About Rosemary! A magnificent plant with a long history; in fact, it is one of the oldest recorded herbs in history. References to rosemary were found written in cuneiform on stone tablets dating from the 5th millennium B.C. Ancient Greeks and Romans knew this shrub well. In their world, it

When cold weather is on the way! Better get ready! Whether you set your house plants out last spring, for a summer vacation, or you got carried away with container gardening until pots competed with the cat for every sunny nook of patio space, the cool night temperatures mean it’s time to think about bringing