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Open 7 days!
Extended hours seasonally!

Absolutely the best selection in the Metroplex! Our variety can accommodate any home or office. You’ll find something for low-light to high-light. Tiny to giant. The unusual to the not so unusual. Thousands to choose from and new shipments arriving monthly.
What Kind Of Light Do you Have? For All Day Full Sun - Vinca/Periwinkles, Moss Rose/Portulaca, Penta, Angelonia, Marigolds, Snap Dragons, Dusty Miller, Sweet Potato Vine, Petunias, Dianthus, and Herbs! Partly Sunny Exposure In The Morning, Some Mid-day Sun Or Filtered All Day - Geraniums, Alyssum, Dusty Miller, Snapdragons, Dianthus, Caladiums, Sweet Potato Vine, Gardenias
Due to Covid 19, Our shipment is delayed indefinitely.
Our pottery is all of premium quality and superior design. We can accommodate the most demanding and least assuming tastes. Glazed pottery from basic to contemporary or elegant. For a more rustic look... We carry a large selection of pottery imported from Vietnam. But make no mistake. Whatever your taste is, you can count on
Seasonal Beneficial Insects: Lady Bugs, Praying Mantids, Trichogramma Wasps, Beneficial Nematodes and Green Lacewing. We carry a large selection of organic products. Featuring lines from Espoma, Bonide, Natures Guide, Gardenville, Lady Bug, Hi-Yield, Maestro-gro, Medina and more...